Top Haunted Places In Hawaii

The Hawaiian island is famous for sandy beaches, sunshine, surfing, and incredible views. But, there is far more to the Hawaiian Islands than the beauty, and water-based activities tourists can enjoy.

Did you know that the Hawaiian Islands are also home to the haunted places with numerous Hawaiian ghost stories to tell? Many people believe that this is one of the most haunted places in the world. If you love adventure and you want to explore ghost hunting activities, then we present you some of the places you should visit.

Perl Harbor, Oahu

Perl-Harbor,-OahuOne of your first stops should be Perl Harbor, a place which suffered a tremendous loss of human lives when Japan attacked on December 7, 1941. Thousands of people lost their lives or were wounded during the attack.

Japan also attacked Hickam Air Force Base, which is nearby Perl Harbor. Since the attack, numerous visitors have stated that they have experienced various hauntings. One of the first things visitors feel when they visit this place is tremendous sadness and extreme pain. Also, some of them claim to have felt incredibly frightened, without no reason.

Another area you should explore is the USS Arizona. People say they have seen ghosts of soldiers on the dock of the sunken vessel.

Wahiawa Botanical Garden, Oahu

Wahiawa Botanical Garden is placed in central Oahu in Hawaii. It features 27 acres of stunning native flora display. The garden also has Hawaiian ferns, over 60 types of trees, and numerous hiking trails for tourists to enjoy and explore.

In the past, the garden was a park, but in 1957 it was officially opened as a botanical garden. The local legend states that botanical garden is haunted by the green lady. There is one legend that if you’re you cross a specific bridge by yourself in the botanical garden, you will never return. People also say they have spotted the Green Lady at a local elementary school.

Honolulu Airport, Oahu

Honolulu-Airport,-OahuBack in 1927, the Honolulu Airport was open. Thousands of people use the airport to travel daily. But, based on the local stories, there is one individual that never leaves the place. She is known as the Lady Waiting and has been seen in different areas of the airport, including the gate.

The story states that she fell in love with a man who had intended to marry her. Unfortunately, he never came back, and the Lady Waiting took her own life.

Lao Theatre, Wailuku

The Lao Theatre was first opened back in 1928. Over the years, it has been home to numerous plays and other events. However, the Lao Theatre is also believed to be home to a countless amount of paranormal activities.

The staff members and patrons of the theatre have stated to have experienced a lot of unusual activity. Some people claim they have seen a friendly female ghost wandering around the stage, as well as sitting in various areas.

Ghosts of Hawaiian soldiers have been reportedly seen in the basement of the theatre.