Haunted Locations

Manoa Valley

At our last stop in Manoa Valley, we did the usual… got out, did a briefing on how bad this place can be…and started the 40 or so yards up the trail to where we tell stories. As I got there to share stories, I noticed a few people stayed back at the van and chose not to do this site (I don’t blame them). We start checking the place out, and as I start telling stories, you can just feel stuff around you…watching you…testing you. We hear several noises, but I don’t stop the stories…the longer you take the longer you stay there, and thats my job…storytelling. Besides the nocturnal noises coming from the bush now and again, we heard a loud “thunk” like something hit metal, coming from back at the vans. I explain that it usually happens…there’s something in the bush that throws rocks at you, never hitting you, but hitting the van instead. Never leaves a dent or even scratches the paint though. A few times it was so hard it shook the van, literally. Upon inspection, there was nothing on the ground and no dent or scratch or anything on the van. Occasionally, on the trail things will throw rocks at us from the bushes, the ravine, etc…. normally falling exactly in my flashlight beam on the ground. One night, after losing one of our driver’s keys, and spending about a good 10 minutes searching for it up and down the trail… outside the van…everywhere, we stood behind the vans figuring out how we’re going to get people home…as we’re talking the keys come flying at us from the trail behind us. There’s nobody there. Well…that usually happens. That night in fact, the other guide Richard (the one who watches the van by himself usually) said later that “tonight only small things were thrown”. I put the *thunk* in the back of my mind and continue story telling. A few minutes passED when the 3 women come join the group to tell that there are things being thrown at the van. I explained that it usually happens, and its okay unless somebody gets hit (which nobody ever has but me, and that was when I was acting stupid). This is when I noticed that one of the ladies were scared, like scared stiff. She looked like she was in shock, with cold sweat covering her face and neck. I ask her a few questions and get a very small response. I try to see if there’s anything attached to her or on her, when the bushes behind them makes a loud noise. That’s when I realize that its time to leave, having people that scared at this place is a recipe for disaster. We head the 30-40 yards back to the van and start to load up. I open the front passenger window to reach in and get the A/C running, when behind me on the front passenger window I hear 4 loud, distinct, knocks. I look and there’s nobody even near it…the people still entering the van looked at me and asked “Did you hear that?”, each of them heard the 4 knocks on the window. Its clear that something wants me attention. I finish loading up the van, Richard loads his van, and I ask him to wait outside. I start asking whatever is out there what it wants…I spend a few minutes telling he (or it) that it has my attention. Nothing happens. We leave.As I pull up at our yard, Richard is there waiting to tell me that somebody in his van caught a very eerie picture as we were loading up in the van. I was on the passenger side of the van getting people in, as he caught a very clear, distinct face of an old man with a beard in the driver’s side window. Richard saw it and he said “there is no way you can mistake it for anything but what it was…it wasn’t misty or an orb or even debatable. It was a very old man sitting in the drivers seat looking out the window”. After hearing that, I decide to take a few friends back there that night. We get back to Paradise Park before 1 a.m. Just the 3 of us. As soon as we step out, we can just feel the presence there looming over us. We ask some questions and get responses in the way of something moving in the bush or things falling…a positive for me is immediately after the question you get a physical response. We walk the trail and have things falling around us…things making subtle noises, but things that you can feel. A few times I look at my friend and watch the hair on his arm stand on end and the chickenskin rise. Yeah, i said a FEW TIMES, not just once…thats chickenskin right there. As the three of us were standing around on this dark trail in the middle of a rainforest, we hear the sound of heavy breathing…lasting 5-10 seconds at least….coming from all around us. Ugh man the chickenskin!About 20-30 minutse of standing on the trail trying to figure out what the message is that is trying to get across…we hear a really…really…loud *BAM*. It made us jump even though it was like 30 yards away from us. We go back to investigate. There’s a little roof near the van, for a small pavilion area, and we figure that something from the trees could’ve fallen. All we ever hear is a *thunk* over there, and I write it off as something falling from the tree…well we try and repliate the noise. There are little blueishi berrys on the ground, so we throw em up on the roof of the pavilion…we hear it land and roll off….never have we ever heard anything roll off. We walk around to find the culprit. I find a metal sign and say “maybe this was it” as I give it a whack. Bingo. Exact same sound, just way, way, louder when we heard it. We agree that something must’ve come up to the sign and given it a very hard smack or punch to make that noise (there were no dents on the sign). We’re trying to figure out again…why this is happening and what reason it serves…when my friend starts to get nauseous and sick. His stomach is bad and his head is aching. Basically, its time to leave. We head out to another location and notice that my friend isn’t himself…he was very drained and ended up sleeping in my van until we end our night. We will go back there again soon. My friend who got sick wants to go back and assert himself, not antagonize them, but to go back and let them know that he’s not scared of coming back, and that they have no control over him. One of my opinions of what happened is that there was something there that was trying to scare us. The thing is, not one of us got scared. That speaks a lot about my companions…those are the people I love to take with me to these places. As we’re standing in the middle of tons of activity, things rustling in the bushes, throwing rocks at us, slamming signs, not to mention just the intense feel of the presence in the area…these friends of mine are more interested in the why and the how and building up their courage in this test of wills. We will go back, and if anything happens…will keep you posted! (Shared by Joe)

Hanging Out at the Manoa Falls Trail Entrance

Very recently, Joe Punohu picked me up at 12 a.m. after he finished conducting the Oahu Ghost Tours. We then picked up his friend Gary (his website is the “Paranormal Corner”), and we headed up to Manoa to hang and talk stories. We were standing about 20 feet inside of the entrance gate and talking. Suddenly, I feel this energy approach and my body reacts with chicken skin and all the hairs are standing on end. I shine the flashlight on my arms and Joe remarks, “Holy smokes!” Joe and Gary also mention that he could also feel the air around us getting colder. Then Joe asked us, “Did you just hear someone sigh?” Gary and I told him that we didn’t hear anything. Gary was standing a few feet behind of me, and just as walked up to the left side of me, we all heard someone sigh very clearly behind Joe! A few moments later, we all heard a really loud ‘Bang!’ The sound had a metallic quality. We then went back outside of the gate to where the noise originated, and we began to investigate. We wanted to locate the source of that noise. We weren’t getting any results until Joe walked up to a metal post with 2 mounted signs. He struck the signs using the back of his hand, and it was the exact noise that we all had heard moments before. Except that the noise was about 10 times louder! Joe mentioned to me that he was impressed with Gary and myself because we didn’t get scared and freak out. But I must add this was a very strange experience. There is a really strong presence at Manoa Falls Trail. (Shared by GeeBee)

A former tour guide and story-teller with Oahu Ghost Tours, Joe Punohu continues his passion to entertain folks on his personal time with free ghost tours and story-telling, while exploring and investigating Hawaii’s paranormal.Guy, or “GeeBee”, encountered many experiences with the paranormal in his lifetime that may have been brought onor enhanced by his intuitiveness, and as a result, became a teammate with Joe in exploring and investigating Hawaii’s haunted locations.

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Hawaii Plantation Village Revisited

Sunday 11/24/13 (from 8pm to 12 midnight)…Joe Punohu, Ivan Nomura, and I coordinated this night out with friends, and there were total of 12 people that showed up. Special thanks goes out to manager Jeff Higa for allowing us access on our requested date and time.We visited the Hall, the Filipino house, the two Japanese houses, and the Portuguese house. Out of all of them, I surely thought that the Portuguese house would yield the most vibes and activity, but it was unusually quiet. I’d like to mention that we did have a special sensitive in our group (Rainbow), and she connected with a Filipino woman in the Filipino house. We set up our equipment on the table (KII meter, EVP recorder, Ghost Box w/ speaker, etc.). During Rainbow’s communication with the Filipino woman, we were getting unusual hits on the KII meter. It was constantly lighting up to the yellow light indicator (10 milligauss) and it was definitely picking up on some type of energy. Note: there is no electricity or wiring in the house, and no cell phones were near the KII meter. This is the first time that I’ve seen the KII meter that active without any explainable electrical source. Rainbow had asked me if I was Filipino, to which I responded that I was part Filipino. I asked her “why?”, and she said that the spirit really liked me because I looked like her nephew. Right after Rainbow said this, I felt a sensation like someone putting their hand on my right forearm. It was really cold and this was immediately followed by some serious chicken skin. The hairs on my arm were all standing straight up! Everyone witnessed this and they were amazed (including me). At this point, someone pointed out that the KII meter lit up to the orange light indicator (20 milligauss) a very high reading. Validating the evidence:a) Rainbow’s communication with the spirit (content of the conversation)b) my experience of being touched on the right forearmc) the equipment responding with constant readings The duration of this occurrence lasted about 20 minutes. Then the activity just stopped. I’m really glad that everyone got to witness and experience that. Upon leaving the house, we said “Salamat Po” (‘thank you’ in Filipino). A special Mahalo to the people who joined us that night. (Shared by GeeBee)

Investigation at a Community CenterSunday 3/9/14

(Certain details were purposely left out for protection) Joe Punohu, Gary Johansen, Ivan Nomura, and myself (Guy) were invited to do the first ever investigation of this community center. There are reports of apparition sightings A male with a brimmed hat and a little girl), toys being played with by unseen hands, and negative feelings causing arguments with staff members. We investigated 2 classrooms, a storage room, and the playground. The building itself is at least 50 years old (and possibly much older). The first thing we were able to detect was a constant and high EMF readings in the two classrooms. Joe had a very steady reading of 8.5 milligauss on his Melmeter, and my K2 meter was reading an unflinching 5 milligauss. It was obvious that an electrical source was causing these readings. As I mentioned in our prior Nuuanu investigation, high EMFs is a double-edged sword. 1) It can cause irritability (which can lead to arguments), headaches, skin rashes, etc. In some isolated cases it can also cause hallucinations. 2) Spirits can also use this source of energy to manifest themselves. So a person can experience physical anomalies/ailments while at the same time experiencing paranormal activity.Gary and Ivan both experienced objects moving on their on which included a door rattling by itself. They also could ‘feel’ a presence by the playground and in the storage room. We also were able to detect high EMFs around the sandbox, but nothing around the jungle gym…probably because the jungle gym has a type of rubber base which grounded it from the electricity. In the storage room, Ivan and I conducted an EVP burst session. Ivan and I asked a short series of questions to which we received responses. Ivan had asked, “Is anyone here?” I asked, “You can speak into this thing that I’m holding, do you want us to know anything?” Upon reviewing the recorder, to Ivan’s question we heard a man’s voice whispering “Yes”. To my question we could clearly hear a woman (in a high pitched voice) moaning. We all agreed that there was nothing really malevolent at this location. (Shared by GeeBee)