My Experience at Queen’s Hospital

I’ll always recall an experience I had while in Queen’s following surgery. One night, I woke up from my sleep and saw a man with blond, crewcut hair at my bedside, leaning over, looking at me. Naturally I was a bit startled, but the expression on his face quickly reassured me because he looked so caring and compassionate, and a sense of making sure that I was alright, which I was. Although I only saw him for couple seconds before he disappeared, I was able to notice that he wore a khaki-colored military uniform, from, what I’m guessing, around the 1940’s. Maybe he was once a patient at Queen’s long ago and died there, and his spirit still remains there, for some reason. (Shared by LL)

Blow Hole Lookout Ghost

It was a Saturday night, and my boyfriend and I felt like taking a little cruise around the island. We picked up some fast-food and stopped at the Blow Hole lookout near Sandy beach to eat. After we ate, we just sat in the car, as we relaxed and talked stories for a while before continuing our cruise. Soon, we were the only ones at the lookout. Suddenly from my side of car, we both could hear footsteps walking toward our direction. It was the footsteps of someone wearing slippers, walking on the cement walk. From what the footsteps sounded like to me, I expected to see a man walking when turned to look, but nobody was there! The footsteps continued, then passed the front of our car and was soon gone. It was so strange, hearing someone walking but not seeing anyone. Being a bit spooked, we decided that it was time to hit the road! (Shared by Leilani)

A Spirit Burned

I have always had spurts of sensing ghosts, and one night as I was lying in bed for the night, I began smelling the scent of burning hair. Although I sensed it was a spiritual smell, I got out of bed and ran a check around the house, just to play it safe. Finding everything safe and sound, I went back to bed. After just a few minutes, I saw a vision of a man standing in the dark of the night, looking at me. Because it was dark, all I could see was the outline of his silhouette and the “texture” of his body that reminded me of an Egyptian mummy. The following night, again, at bedtime, I began smelling that same burning scent. Again, I saw the same man, but this time, all I could see was from his head down to his shoulders. And again, he was looking at me. I knew then that I’d see him again because I felt he wanted to say ‘something’, but I had no idea what. Sure enough, the following night, again at bedtime, I saw him again, so I asked if there was anything he wanted to tell me. He said, “Yes.” He said that he was a sugar plantation field worker, and one day had gone out with his co-workers to burn the cane field for harvest and accidentally became trapped in the burning field, where he burned to death, (which now made sense that the ‘mummy-looking’ texture of his body I initially saw was actually a charred man!). According to him, no one knew what happened to him and his body was never found. Soon after he told me what happened, a wonderful light emitted from him. It felt like a tremendous burden and emotional pain had been lifted. He thanked me gratefully and slowly disappeared. Since then, I would occasionally smell that same burning smell. But now, I know that is his way of letting me know that he is visiting, and swung by to say, “Hello”. (Shared by Anonymous)

Experience in Ewa Beach

After taking an errand in Kapolei, my mom and I cut through Verona Village near the train station on Old Ewa Plantation road. Driving past the park, we neared train tracks that ran across the street that has a long line of bushes on each side. We started feeling a weird sensation, then out of nowhere, an old haole man all dressed in white, walked across the street on the train tracks, carrying a big stick. He was obviously yelling – at no one – but you wouldn’t hear his voice! Me being the driver, I slowed the car to let him pass, watching this old man with dead-white skin tone carry on with himself. Then, before he reached the other side of the street, he was suddenly gone. Mom and I just looked at each other, and noticed that there was another car on the next lane behind us that must’ve also seen the man in white because they too, had slowed their car. (Shared by Anonymous)

Wahiawa’s California Avenue

Living in Wahiawa practically all my life, I’ve heard many folks over the years who often seen ghosts on the upper end of California Avenue at night, in the vicinity of a Hongwanji church. Many claimed to have seen a white, smoky figure walking on the side of the road or crossing the street. Although many have seen these white specters quite often, I had my doubts that I’d get “lucky” enough to see one for myself. But I did.One night around 9 p.m. I went to pick up a friend who lived just past a mechanic shop that was once an old gas station. As I slowly turned right onto the dirt road that led toward my friend’s house, I was shocked to see a white, smoky figure standing in the middle of the dirt road! It was amazing to see how the white smoke was moving around, but managing a human form. As I continued watching, I let the car roll forward, driving right through it. When I turned my head around to look, it was gone. That incident took place many years ago, and till this day, I can’t believe I actually saw what many others have seen, finding myself at the right place and at the right time of night. (Shared by Peter)

From a Prince Hotel

Once, I stayed at a “Prince” Hotel in Waikiki and thought I’d take some pictures of our room with my ‘palm pilot’. Sometime later when I got home and downloaded the photos onto my computer, I noticed a green illuminated orb of light in one of the photos I took of the hotel room. Of course, I thought maybe it was due to some pixel discoloration or something from my palm pilot, but upon closer examination I could clearly see that it was not the case; it was something in the room I caught on camera. I kept that picture on my computer, then strange things began happening in our house. One day during broad daylight a pot that was on the back-burner of the stove suddenly fell to the floor by itself with no logical explanation. Not wanting to take any chances on any more scary occurrences for my wife and kids sake, I decided to delete the picture. And since I deleted that picture from my computer, all of those strange occurrences had suddenly stopped! I guess some spirits don’t want to be photographed! (Shared by E.N.)

Ewa Plantation Park

I was driving past the park around 2 a.m. one night and on the side of the park along the road I was surprised to see a group of Mexican-looking people with very white skin singing and dancing, wearing colorful Mexican clothing, particularly at that time of night. When I passed them, I looked in my rear view mirror to take another look, and to my horror, no one was in sight anywhere! Luckily, I was close to home, but never did I take the shortcut home and drive on that street past that park late at night again. I take the longer way home! (Shared by Mary)

A Hospital Near Kalihi

We were doing some construction work at a hospital near Kalihi. We would often experience hospital doors opening and closing by itself, and seeing white figures walking by from the corner of our eyes. Of course we thought it was just our imagination, until one day during our lunch break, when someone mentioned experiencing these things, then everyone else starting chiming in with their experiences. Often seeing and small talking with some of the hospital workers, they weren’t at all surprised to hear what we experienced, saying that it always happens and although they find it scary too, they try to just ignore them. (Shared by Kamu)

An Office Supply Store on Dillingham

I’m not going to say if I work or worked there, but years ago, a little girl died there by accident and her spirit haunts the ladies’ room and the receiving area of an Office Store on Dillingham Blvd. At times you can hear a child running around when no one is there and hear her voice. Maybe she doesn’t know she’s passed on. (By Gen)

Pearlridge Shopping Center, Phase I

I had an unexpected experience at the mall. I was walking in the hall by the bathrooms, and this kinda old man came up to me and started talking to me, but oddly, he had no voice. I kept saying, “What? I can’t hear what you’re saying.” Then after a little while, he walked away. As he walked away, I was stunned to see he had no legs! He looked like a regular and “alive” person, but as it goes down toward the knees it starts fading. Stunned, I just turned around real quick and started walking away, not looking back! (Shared by Peter)

My Daughter’s Ghost

One afternoon alone at home, I went to lie down and take a nap. As I was lying on the bed something to my left at the window had suddenly caught my eye. When I turned to look, I saw my daughter’s ghost, all in white, peeking in and looking at me from outside the window! She had a pleasant look on her face, and my feeling was that she was checking to see if I was alright, as her dad and I was in the middle of a divorce. Sure, people witness ghosts of deceased loved ones all the time, but the strange twist to this experience, is my daughter was alive and well at the time (thank goodness) and still is. This was an experience that took place about 9 years ago! I am glad to say, that at the time, it didn’t feel it was a bad omen but more like an act of love instead. (Shared by LL)

My Grandpa

When I was little, I used to hear about my paternal grandfather but I never met her. He passed away years before I was born. Although I never knew what he looked like, he was described as a man with a square face and short wavy hair. Well one day, I was in the tub ready to take a bath. I was sitting there in the tub while it was being filled with water. Some of the water splashed on my eyelashes that caused round optical circles. As I looked at the circles, all of a sudden I saw silhouettes of people, slowly walking, single-file. Then from one row walking in one direction, there came a second row of the same type of silhouettes walking in the opposite direction. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, so I closed my eyes for little while, and when I re-opened my eyes, I saw the silhouette of my grandfather, from the shoulders, up. Although I couldn’t see his face, I knew who he was, and he was looking right at me. That’s when I wiped my eyes dry, took a quick bath and got out as fast as I could! (Shared by Anonymous)

The Sad Little Ghost Girl

I don’t know what this experience was about, but one night a little ghost girl wearing a long white dress came and appeared in this long length mirror in my room. She looked like she was around 6 years of age. What was frightening is she looked like a corpse with that dead look on her face. She just stood there in the mirror’s reflection, and though she looked scary, I felt sorry for her at the same time because I could feel her sadness and depression. Soon after , she slowly disappeared. I still don’t understand why she came to me, why I saw her. But till this day it still makes me wonder what could’ve happened to her that made her be so sad and depressed when she’s in spirit now and should be happy. (Shared by Cary)