Children & Spirits

The Kitchen Window

One evening while I was cleaning up after dinner, my daughter was watching TV just a few feet away from me. Suddenly, I started feeling weird. Soon after, my daughter came to me feeling uncomfortable about something, so I picked her up and asked her what was wrong. Then she said, “Somebody’s looking at me.” I said, “Who?” She said, “I don’t know.” Then she turned her head away from the kitchen window and said that it was a man. I asked where he was and she said, “Outside the window behind you,” which was the kitchen window. Although it was dark outside, she said that he’s wearing sunglasses and carrying, what appeared to be a briefcase, and he was laughing at her. With my daughter feeling afraid, make me angy at that spirit she was experiencing, so I projected my demands to ‘him’ and told him “Beat it”. I didn’t know what I’d do if he didn’t, but thank god he did. And when he did, my daughter was just as fine and spunky as she always is. (Shared by “a Mom”)

The Little Boy

My daughter was around 5 years old at the time when she started wanting to sleep with me. And when she did, she’d always sleep very close to me, hiding under the covers, even if she was sweating. I asked her what’s wrong, and she said at night she sees a little boy wearing a black suit who opens the door and just stands there at the opening of the door, looking at her, as if he’s mad at her. I asked if he says anything. She said not at first, but one night he did, saying, “You took my toys.” Thinking about that, it didn’t make sense to either of us because she didn’t take anybody’s toys. And being he’s a spirit, it more so, didn’t make any sense. We prayed for that spirit never to come back, and thankfully, he never did. (Shared by Annonymous)

The Corner

I was babysitting my 3 year old nephew one day at my house, and noticed he was looking at a corner in m living room, talking to somebody. Certainly, I couldn’t see anybody or anything there, but the way he was carrying on like a conversation with ‘the corner’ and answering questions, made me wonder if he was talking to a ghost or something. So I went over and asked who he was talking to. The ‘conversation’ seemed to end when I approached him. He said, “A man.” He couldn’t really explain what the man looked like or what they were talking about, but being my nephew didn’t appear afraid at all, instead looking happy, I had just let it go. I did mention it to my sister in-law, but nothing like that ever took place that they’re aware of. I’d still babysit him from time to time, but nothing like that happened since that one time. (Shared by Anonymous)

The Black Monster

When my son was around 3, he went through a period of feeling scared at night, wanting to sleep with me and my husband. He said he sees a black monster with large teeth that tries to grab him sometimes. I know my son is happy sleeping in his own Little Tykes bed he enjoys that we have in our bedroom, and not just wanting to sleep with us kind of situation. So I let him sleep with us, but even sleeping between my husband and me, he’d wake up afraid because of “the monster”. I didn’t know what to do now. So before the next night, I went out into the yard and got some ti leaves and put it around the room, especially the bed, even under our pillows. And I was really relieved that “the monster” never came back. I know my son was really happy it never came back too because after that night with no “monster” he was happy to go back sleeping in his own bed! (Shared by Shawna T.)

The Girl

One time I walked in on my little girl talking to someone. I figured she created an ‘imaginary playmate’, until one day when I asked about her new friend. She said it’s a girl who died a long time ago. That got me really scared and took her to my church and got our reverend to do a blessing on her. That little girl never returned. (Shared by Anonymous)

My Son Sees Spirits

Hi, my name is Michele and I have just experienced a similar situation with my 6 year old. Yesterday during the day, he says he saw the spirit of a boy. He said the boy was standing in the doorway of his bedroom and that the boy was just staring at the wall. He told me he “felt” that the boy wanted to harm himself and was holding a gun. My son said after a few seconds the boy turned his head and one side of his face was bloody and injured, and then he disappeared. He was quite frightened to go upstairs alone after that. Then today he told me he saw a man in the shower. His sister was standing with him outside our bathroom and he calmly said. “There’s a man in the shower”. Again, it was gone after a few seconds. He said he had black pants on, no shirt and cuts all over his back and black hair. He also said his back was to him so he didn’t see his face. Later before putting him to bed, I asked him if these “people” looked as clear to him as I did and everybody else and he said, “Yes”. He said they were not blurry at all – although he did say the man started out looking like a “puzzle” and came together in front of his eyes. But once he was “together” he was as clear as anything else he can see. I don’t know what to make of this. There have been incidents in the past with him, but not since he was 3 years old, and nothing this strange and vivid and never anything that I couldn’t write off as him just being tired or half asleep. Those past two times have been during the day in broad daylight. Right afterwards he was a little spooked and afraid to go upstairs by himself but now seems fine. He came home from school on Tuesday and proceeded to tell me he sees the boy at school. He said the boy was staring at him from the doorway of his classroom and so my son just looked away. He said when he looked back the boy was gone. I’m not giving him much of a reaction except to tell him that anything he sees can’t hurt him, in case he is making it up. My son has no history of any attention seeking or behavior problems and is really good in and out of school. Also this seems like it’s happening all of a sudden. There really is no significant history to our house also. It was built in the 1950’s and we’ve lived here for almost 7 years. The only other time my son had anything like this happen was right after my grandmother had died – he saw her. He was 2 years old at the time. It was in the morning right after we woke up he swore she was in my bed. I honestly chalked it up as he was half-asleep. Now, I’m not so sure. (Shared by Michele)

The Funeral

I don’t like the idea of bringing children to a funeral, but when a family member passed, it wasn’t an option. My son, who was about 2-3 years old at the time, started almost crying when the members of the Buddhist church began chanting. He was obviously very uncomfortable being inside that church from the start, and their chanting made him feel worse. So I quickly took him outside where there were graves all around, but when I took him outside, he was just fine. I don’t know why he reacted that way, because it wasn’t even really a church, but a place where funeral services were held. (Shared by Tim)

The Monkey

When my eldest brother was young he used to see a monkey in his room when we were living in Wahiawa. Every night before he bed use to cry to my parents telling them he need crackers or else the monkey will hurt him. He wouldn’t sleep during the night and kept trying to sneak into my parents room to sleep with them. Finally my parents got fed up and called my great-grandpa, like to bless the house. Shortly after that he never seen the monkey again. (Shared by Tasha)

Father Returns

My husband was murdered in June 1982. That night, my daughter and I slept at my parent’s home in Kalihi. I got the horrible call from the police the next morning. Stunned and numbed I could not even get myself to tell my daughter who was 6 years old about what happened to her dad. Anyway, just 3 years ago, which is 2004, she told me that day she was playing by my dad’s little garden area & that her dad came to her surrounded in light to tell her, “Everything is going to be all right”. She had already known something happened that fateful day. She is in her thirties now & is really intuitive about the supernatural. I am too! (Shared by A.B.)

At a Hospital

While visiting a friend at the hospital, my 2 year old granddaughter began to feel afraid as we were walking in the halls, pointing behind us. I had to carry her because she was feeling scared, burying her face by my neck so she couldn’t see. Sometimes I can feel things, and when I tried to feel what was around, it felt like a small bunch of ghastly-looking ghosts following behind, with a look like they wanted something from us! Luckily we were on our way out of the hospital. (Shared by Anonymous)

Man in a Red Devil Suit

When I was little, I had one of the most scariest experiences in my life. I slept in my parents’ room and I saw this man dressed in a red devil’s suit, peeking out of the closet as he’d slowly slide the closet door open. I screamed, “Daddy!” and my dad woke up and I started crying, saying there’s a man in the closet. Of course he didn’t believe me because he put me in their bed between them and went back to sleep, saying I was having a bad dream. But I wasn’t. Being between my parents made me feel a lot better, but now I was closer to the closet because the closet was on the right side of the bed. I tried not to look, but couldn’t help it. I could see the man slowly opening the closet door again, peeking out and looking at me. Each time I’d look, the door would open more and more. My terror was going on for, I don’t know how long, because next thing I knew, my parents got up to get ready for work, leaving me on the bed alone. So I decided to cover my eyes with both hands that actually covered my whole face. I stayed that way for a while, and created a little opening between my hands to take a peek. As soon as I created that little opening to peek, I was horrified to see “him” peeking at me through that little opening! I was so scared, I don’t recall what happened after that, and glad it was over. So I thought! After school the next day, of course I remembered what happened that night before, but it was daylight. I took a peek into my parents’ room to make sure “he” was gone, and I really thought he was. Boy was I wrong. When I took a peek toward the closet, he was peeking out of the closet door! I’d pull back out the bedroom door and take another peek, trying to make sure what I’m seeing. And each time I peeked, he was coming more out of the closet, until he was out of the closet and getting closer to the bedroom door where I was. I was so scared, thinking what would happen when night came. Something must’ve happened when I then prayed to god because seeing that man in the red devil’s suit that afternoon coming out of the closet after school, was the last I saw of him. (Shared by Anonymous)

Kids in Kaala Cafeteria

I want to tell you I experience a supernatural in Wahiawa, yes it’s happen 10 year ago I was in the 3rd grade about the age of 8. This all happen at Ka’ala elementary. It was lunchtime and it was rainy hard so we have to stay in the cafeteria. IT was my mom’s job to watch us and it was pretty hard on her well anyway we all were sitting on the stage waiting for our teacher all of sudden I hear kids playing around beyond the curtain. I keep hearing them running and playing around for some reason so me and my best friend Mililani went in and I yell at them, Hey stop that or my mommy will yell at you then me and my friend went inside no one was there! So I thought good they listen to me so we went back on the stage step with our other class mate then I hear them again, then this time I went back on my own again I yell at them then again no one was there. Then my mom told me what’s wrong so I told her she said Okay I check it out then when she came out she told me, “There’s no one in there honey”. After my mom left, I felt someone taping on my left arms so I say stop that to my friend Mililani but she was in front of me the whole time. I was freak out I told some of my teacher and my mom and some of my friend but they didn’t believe in me. When I grew I did some research on that school before the school it’s was a cemetery but that’s all I know. I will never gonna forget that day no matter what. (Shared by S. Makaneole)